Wolfhound Crest


The 27th Infantry "Wolfhounds" in the Vietnam War

Wolfhound Crest Dad and Lucas Wolfhound Crest
My Father Sergeant Frank A. Gollub(foreground) and his friend Specialist-4 Alan F. Lucas near the Cambodian border, War Zone C, July 1966. Both soldiers served in Charlie Company 2/27th "Wolfhounds" of the 25th Infantry Division. Lucas' name is on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C.

Site Update:February 2009

Welcome to my site! This site features period photographs, and the uniforms and equipment of the American soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war. The reason why I created this page is because I would like the general public who is not familiar with the Vietnam War to gain an insight of how the American soldiers who served with honor in Vietnam lived and fought. I also created this page because for many of us Vietnam is a part of our heritage, like past wars. Many of us have relatives who served, like me. My father was in Vietnam from 1966-1971 and he served in the U.S Army from 1963 to 1984. I also created this page for him and all the soldiers who served and gave their lives in Vietnam. I hope you enjoy looking through the many photos I have included on this page and may we not forget our brave soldiers who served in Vietnam and past wars.

Featured photographs are photos of my father and his freinds in Vietnam. Also there are a few photos taken before the intial troop buildup in Vietnam. The photos here were taken between 1965 to 1966.

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