Cu Chi Base Camp Page 1
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Woldhound Mess Hall
A view of the 2nd Battalion Wolfhounds Mess Hall, fall 1966.

 Dad at Cu Chi.
My father is near his unit's living quarters at Cu Chi, fall 1966.

 Dad with M16.
My father poses with his M16. This was the early version with 3 prong flash suppressor and chromed bolt which suffered from many problems in the field.

Dad headed to the showers.
This photo was of my father heading to take a shower was taken by Danny Askew, my father's second RTO. During the early days of the Cu Chi Base camp shower facilities were not available and my father recalls not bathing for a month. In the book Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning by Eric M. Bergerud other 25th Infantry Division soldiers mentioned taking baths using dirty water which had collected on the tops of the large general purpose tents.

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